Vasto, town in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo Region, is a very popular tourist destination for who choose the Adriatic coast for their holidays.
A town with a rich and varied past due to influences and dominations.
The city experienced many periods of prosperity, decadence, was so often destroyed and then rebuilt. Historical traces tell us about this tumultuous past.
The geographical position makes this small town fascinating and particular, situated on a hill that gradually descends down towards the sea, and which overlooks the splendid, so-called lunate Gulfwhere the sandy beach of Vasto Marina stretches. Other stretches of coastline are that of Santa Maria della Penna and the rocky coast of Punta Aderci.
Vasto, whose first ancient name is Histoniumis a city that offers many attractions both natural and artistic, and which enjoys an excellent tourist turnout above all thanks to its beautiful beaches that make the vastese coastline the largest in the region.



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